What A Week!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, the world has gone a little bit crazy. Widespread panic and sky high stacks of toilet rolls have become the norm but somehow, I seem to have avoided most of it.

What makes this even stranger is that I work in one of the industries that has been affected most heavily from this chaos. Perhaps I have been slightly lucky in that I developed a dry cough just a few days before my workplace was closed off meaning that I could not have been at work anyway regardless of the news.

As it stands I have been at home now since Wednesday and must admit, I’m loving it! Watching the world change so drastically from the comfort of my armchair is so much more relaxing than actually being out there in the thick of it.

I care not for the demise of loo roll, I have enough to survive. Neither do I worry for the sanitizer apocalypse as we have soap and I’m not going anywhere. Reports that beer has left the planet disturb me a little but I’ll get through it.

I have never felt better mentally than I do right now. I realise that this makes me a very lucky man but having to spend all day with my family is far from a chore for me. Work looks to be off the calendar for the time being which means I should have plenty of time to get some work done on this blog.

Well that’s not really happened has it. I’ve just been enjoying my days but felt it time to give you all a little update on my isolation so far.

Robbie (My son) is loving life. He’s loving having both Mum and I here the whole time and is getting crazier by the day. His new favourite game is to jump off the highest obstacles he can climb and hope we spot him in time and make the catch. So far we have 100% success rate but expect to see us in A&E soon.

Sarah is all good despite picking the worst time ever to get ill and being told (wrongly) that she has Coronavirus. Long story and I talk about hospitals on here far too much so let’s just say she’s fine!

Me? I’ve mentioned already but I’m having a great time and finding new ways to have fun with my Robster. We were kindly gifted a great gadget for Robbie from on Wednesday too which he is loves. I never knew I would find such novel ideas and creations before becoming a Dad but I honestly had no idea that such a product even existed.

The switch assist, which helps kids learn to operate light switches themselves has gone down a treat with him. At first he just saw it as a new toy and seemed determined to turn our house into some kind of disco/Christmas tree with constant bashing of the switch.

With a little teaching though he learnt exactly what he was doing and how to use the device properly so no doubt it was a huge success, so thanks switch-assist!

Robbie using his Switch assist device to turn on and off light switches that he can not reach normally

Right now I’m experiencing something new to me that I suspect may become a lot more prevalent in all of our lives. I’m writing this whilst at a birthday party, I know, how rude!

The difference with this party is that it is being held on Instagram! With so many isolating including the birthday girl it is such a great way for us all to get together and maintain social distancing. So now you know why this post is probably full of typos….Happy birthday MC!!!

Last but certainly not least, I wrote a post last week about the good news stories that are still there amidst all the gloom and this included a few modern day heroes giving back to their communities in times of need.

Today some more heroes came to light right on my doorstep. Well not literally as that would be awkward, but near enough. Having finally been told to shut down our workplace by the big bosses at head office and to sell off all remaining stock to customers rather than lose the money or donate it to those in need, the management team of our site really stepped up.

They have purchased a large quantity of the company stock from their own money and will be using it to do the right thing and give to those less fortunate. I have not always been the first to compliment management throughout my career but in a world full of corporate greed and favouring wealth over health, it is great to see that some people are still stepping up.

Have a great week everyone!

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2 responses to “What A Week!”

  1. Love it! Especially the light switch assist photos – I imagine lights blinking insanely all the time 😂 enjoy your time at home with your loved ones – the whole world is slowing down is how I prefer to look at it.


  2. Great to hear sense of humour, puts a smile on my face.
    Your blogs are really important at this time, gives people a sense of connection


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