8 great gift ideas for a newborn baby

There is always such excitement when a friend or family member has a new baby. It is often the case that people want to bring gifts to meet the new arrival and these post looks at how to get presents that the parents really want.

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So let’s start with what not to get. Baby essentials are fantastic in general but you can be pretty sure that others will have contributed newborn clothes and vouchers for the local baby shop. These are great for those wanting to keep it simple and efficient but if you are looking for a gift that will stand out from the crowd, check these out:

Great gifts for a newborn baby

  1. The rocket portable pram rocker.

Oh how I wish we had been given one at these when our little man was born! Luckily we discovered it within a couple of months and it is my personal favourite device we ever bought. This little rocket clips on to all sorts of prams, cribs and baskets and gently rocks your child to sleep. Anyone who has felt the pain of manually rocking their baby for hours on end will appreciate just what a game changer this device is, you will be a hero to Mum and Dad!

2. Schnuggle baby bath

Another favourite of ours that we purchased ourselves following advice from a fellow parent. Though a bath may seem limited in use, this particular one is far from it. Robbie (My son) sat in his for hours every day from around 8 weeks old and absolutely loved it! The bath contains a soft back and grooves at the bottom which make it an ideal ‘chair’ for babies aswell as a great bath. Well worth checking out.

3. Baby monitor

The make or model is really not too important, but having one of these is vital! Again it is not a gift that we received but soon realised how much we needed a monitor as we found how strange and scary it is to have your baby out of your sight! We loved our monitor and it did us proud for a year before we were brave enough to take our eyes off him at night.

4. Baby hand and foot print frame.

The tiny hands and feet of a new baby are so precious but don’t stay that way for long! These frames include all you need to make beautiful imprints of both alongside a photo of your baby in the centre. It really is a perfect gift.

5. Personalised keepsake box

Everyone loves a personalised gift and it is even more special for new parents. A keepsake box is ideal to store all the special memories from a baby’s early months and years. Everything can be personalised to suit the baby such as the box colour, name and date of birth. Every parent will want one!

6. Baby star projector nightlight

Another amazing device that helped us out so much. Not only did this light give a great sensory experience for Robbie in the daytime, with lights off obviously, it also really helped to improve his sleep overnight. We found he was waking every time the timed lights from his mobile switches off, he would wake up and scream due to the darkness. These lights not only made him happy but allowed us to get a little bit of sleep, amazing.

7. Red Letter Day voucher

Whilst everyone else is buying gifts for the baby, why not give a present to Mum and Dad? Red Letter Day vouchers give a choice of thousands of events and experiences ranging from Spa days through to driving race cars. Let them pick for themselves and and I’m sure they will remember your generosity when having the time of their lives!

8. A sweet treat from Chummys bakery

Another one for the parents. Chummys deliver incredible and delicious cakes and treats nationwide straight to your door. Chummys postal brownies really are something else, available in a range of great favourites such as Kinder Bueno and Mars these gifts are sure to be appreciated by any new parents with a sweet tooth.

A range of delicious brownies from Chummys bakery

And last but not least… Something every mum needs after birth, a spa set.

My wife had a tricky time with birth, to put it lightly! She, like every other new mum, deserved a little time to herself after the birth and this makes a new mum spa set a gift that will always be appreciated. It may not be unique but it will certainly be loved!

Thanks for looking through and I hope you have found the perfect gift! Please let me know the best present you have received for a newborn or any other baby gifts you would recommend in the comments section below.

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13 responses to “8 great gift ideas for a newborn baby”

  1. Top tip: also buy a big dose of chocolate for mum and dad as they’ll be running on fumes and something that older siblings can play with independently. A friend bought my older son a magazine when his brother was born. He felt so special to get his own treat, with free toys and activities to do – perfect to avoid jealousy and keep him occupied while we were dealing with a new born. Now I try to do the same for friends having their second and later babies – give the older ones some attention and a treat too.


  2. How did I miss that out!? One of our friends actually gave us free babysitting ‘coupons’ at his baby shower too. A really good idea and definitely a top gift for parents. Thanks!


  3. I received so much stuff at my baby shower. I was completely overwhelmed. The one gift I remember clearly was the one little bag of soaps & smellies, just for me. The friend who gave it to me said that the baby gets so much, moms deserve something special too. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.


  4. I love all those gift ideas for tiny humans. But I most appreciated the gift of babysitting especially during the first few sleepless months #kcacols


  5. We’ve just had a newborn in the family (although we can’t go to see him yet because of Covid) so I’ve been hunting for gifts to send to them. These are great ideas, thank you x #KCACOLS


  6. I have never heard of the portable pram rocker – that sounds amazing! I have eight month old twin girls and I would have loved this as a gift. The next time I am buying for a newborn (someone else’s!) I will definitely keep this one in mind! #KCACOLS


  7. So many lovely ideas here! We actually got one of the hand / feet prints when ours was born, and it really does make for the sweetest keepsake. Very impressed with the pram rocker, I didn’t even know these existed. #fortheloveofblog


  8. I’ve seen those bath tubs but never actually used one – such a clever idea! Love the Red Letter idea too! Thanks so much for linking up to #fortheloveofblog – hope to see you again next week!


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