Something special for 2021

Life is made up of achievements and goals. Everyone is where they are today through a drawn out succession of completed aspirations as well as a few failures along the way.

It almost goes without saying that I am not the most driven man. Whilst others may set themselves daily or weekly goals alongside targets for each month, I’m actually lazy enough to consider managing to do one thing a year as quite an accomplishment.

This may sound ridiculous but it really is the big things that matter in the grand scheme of life. In 2016 myself and my beautiful wife Sarah officially moved in together with our first home as a couple, though I had been slowly working my way into her house for a year or so previously.

We tied the knot in 2017. Finding someone willing to declare that they will tolerate me for the rest of their life was quite achievement in itself and perhaps more incredible that she has stuck to the deal so far.

2018 was the year of The Robster. I became a dad and this is without doubt the proudest and most fulfilling moment that I will ever experience. It will never be beaten but after a couple of years of being a Father, it is never happening again! One lunatic is enough thanks.

2019 was probably a bit of a let down in comparison though I did manage to pass my driving test. This will sound very minor to those that don’t know me but after 17 years of lessons and eight failed tests (including being pulled over by the police on one exam) it felt amazing to finally get a pass. My reaction of asking the examiner ‘are you sure?’ Possibly summed up the reasons it took so long to get there.

Then 2020 arrived. Let’s just skip through this one pretty quickly, what a rubbish year. Anything at all achieved in 2020 should count as a major milestone. Changing underwear, going for a walk outside or just generally surviving another day with a hyperactive toddler bouncing of the four walls that basically became a prison cell for a year were all worthy goals. Realistically though, 2020 broke my streak of gaining one major accomplishment each year.

So on to today. I am aware that we are already five months in to the year and so far it has generally been a repeat of 2020, probably shown on Dave, but I have taken the first step towards making another life changing step this year.

On Wednesday both myself and Sarah will be off to see our doctor to sign up to their quit smoking course. We’re hoping to get some good advice and even better drugs to help us along the way as we know what a challenge this could be.

For a little context, we have both smoked heavily for 20 years. This is not a flash in the pan idea that we intend to try for a few days then give up, we realise how important it can be for the future of our family.

I guess we are relatively old parents in comparison to many others, both in our mid thirties with a two year old son. This makes it our responsibility to ensure we are around for many years to come and that a big part of looking after Robbie will be looking after ourselves.

I already struggle a little to keep up with Robbie when he is running around the house. His catchphrase of ‘do some running Daddy’ fills me with fear and I am exhausted far before he is ready to stop. If this is a problem now, it is not going to get any easier for me as I hit my forties and fifties whilst he is still young and full of energy.

On a graver note I also have to consider that when he reaches the age I am now I will be seventy. Robbie’s grandparents are all amazing with him and I fully intend to be just as great with my own grandkids when the day arrives. I’m not sure that many men with my current lifestyle live a long and healthy life and it is down to me to change now and to be around for Robbie until he can no longer stand the sight of me!

So if you have read down this far, here’s a little naughty secret for you. You are being used. There, I’ve admitted now and I’m not even sorry.

The thing is that I really don’t like to look stupid. I also know that a few family members, friends and work colleagues will read this post. If I change my mind tomorrow and pull out, the evidence is here. People will ask me ‘how’s the quitting going’ and I’d have to admit I failed miserably.

I’ve done it before with the alcohol detox and it worked well, so I’m using the same dirty trick again! You guys are my witnesses. I will quit.

I’ve always felt that a little accountability really helps towards beating challenges and this blog provides me with a great outlet to either feel the support of others or to be ridiculed, depending on my success.

So that’s it. This year’s great achievement is on it’s way and you readers are now inadvertently involved in helping us to succeed. No pressure.

If you want to leave any words of encouragement or even better, laugh at me and say I’ll never do it then please drop me a comment in the box below. Any shares on social media are always appreciated too, particularly when it gives me even more motivation! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon, smoke-free Steve.

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10 responses to “Something special for 2021”

  1. Absolutely wonderful news about the smoking. You will need your lungs for robbie and whatever comes after. It is very very difficult to stop an addiction but slightly easier if you both doing same and supporting each other.


  2. Great news! Robbie will always love you but he’ll love having you closer, for longer, even more. It’s a win, win for you all! 😘😘


    • Thanks Nan! Hopefully he will have to put up with us for a long time yet. Will be nice to put an end to him breaking out into the garden to follow me too.


    • Well that one wasn’t actually my fault, honest! One of the lights was out on my instructors car so they stopped us and said was not allowed to drive. Didn’t even get a refund!


  3. Good luck! Misery Guts finally managed to give up smoking (after a lot of false starts) with a combination of an NHS course & drugs – he’s been smoke free for 10 years now. You can do it! #fortheloveofblog


  4. Ye are so strong in this together, put the money ye would have spent on smokes weekly in a pot and soon you will have the fair to fly to Spain. Rooting for you EILEEN


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