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Who are we?

I’m nobody really. Just your average first time Dad who enjoys writing and wants to share his thoughts with the world.

Having a child changed me. I used to be cool. (Lie). The whole focus on life shifts from any interests of my own to purely being a responsible adult for the good of the little man. No more football on a Sunday afternoon… teletubbies instead. No more going to the pub for one too many… nappy changing to do. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I chose to write a blog to put across my feelings and bring a little humour to my role as Daddy. Robbie is now 18 months old and is changing every day and getting me more new, exciting and slightly scary challenges every day.

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My latest posts:

From yesterday, to tomorrow

It’s a pretty big week for me. Though it may seem that very little is actually happening, I have two major landmarks in my life this week.