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Play Rascal (Otherwise know as Robbie Rascal) Is the premier indoor kids play centre in Clacton-on-Sea.

Important update! Rascals soft play centre has changed hands. It is now open again and operating it’s play centre under the name Playpalz. You may prefer to read my latest playpalz Review.

Packed full of slides, tubes, balls and soft play areas, Play Rascal is a great place to go and let the kids burn off all the that extra energy.

My son, also called Robbie, loves it there. He is only 18 months old but is already a keen explorer. There is a designated section for toddlers which contains small slides, soft play and a fantastic ball pit and trampoline combo which Robbie would spend his whole day playing in if we allowed him!

The baby area at Robbie Rascals in Clacton.  Perfect for kids under two to use with their parents.
The toddler play section

The area is great for mixing with other kids and helping your child with crucial social development. Robbie looks on, fascinated by what others are doing before either joining in or copying them. Many of the toys and sections of the play centre even have development signs which guide you on how each toy will help your child grow.

The fencing around the area gives a clear view of the whole Toddler’s section, so we can allow Robbie to explore on his own whilst still being carefully supervised. Parents are welcome (with shoes off!) to explore all of toys with their little monsters if preferred.

Robbie’s keen desire to move on to even bigger and better structures means that he loves the huge three layered main soft play frame. The design may be intended for kids a little older but this does not deter Robbie!

Long tunnels, tubes and swinging balls make ideal places for him to run, hide and chase us all through this giant maze of fun.

Robbie and Dad going through the maze of tunnels at Rascal Play in Clacton
Robbie exploring and Dad trying to keep up!

Those that make it all the way to the top layer will find a sports zone, with a basketball net and markings of a football goal. Always a popular area, kids play together and train their sporting instincts (A big thing in my family!) Plastic balls are always available and there are plenty to go around.

The soft play basketball net at Robbie Rascals play centre.
That’s a big ball(ed) patch!

The equipment is always clean and in great working order meaning parents can relax, knowing their children can play safely. There is also a path to walk all around the frame to keep an eye on them, which gives a full view of all areas.

I would highly recommend joining in with your kids. Adults are allowed in all parts of the frame at Play Rascal and I would have to admit that I enjoy all the climbing and swinging just as much as Robbie! It is also the best exercise I get, as Robbie seems to get faster and faster every week and the challenge of keeping up with him gets more exciting.

My Son and I on the giant slide at Rascals play.
Robbie and Dad take on the giant slide

Entry to Play Rascals soft play is only £2 (Mon-Fri 9:30Am- 2:30Pm) making it exceptional value to go and run riot! We usually upgrade to have a kids meal and squash included for an extra £2.50. This saves us all the worry of making sure we get Robbie home in time for lunch as he never wants to leave!

The prices vary a little at peak times but there are a great range of designated activities and meal deals run throughout each day.

We choose to visit at this time as it is usually a little quieter during school hours which is ideal for a toddler. Robbie can run around the main frame without the fear of collisions with older children. The busiest time at Play Rascal is immediately after school finishes at around 3pm when the place becomes much more a social gathering spot for parents and kids.

Rascals soft play food

Play Rascal serves a great range of food ranging from sandwiches and ice creams through to full English breakfasts so you can always find something for the fussy eaters (Parents included!)

The service is fast and the 120 seat restaurant area means whether you want a quiet corner or a view of either play area, you will have no problem. Highchairs are provided and easily located which all makes Play Rascal a really convenient place to stop for lunch. It tastes great too!

Simple and affordable meals at Robbie Rascals in Clacton-On-Sea.
Grub’s up!

There is always a great choice of offers and parties. Disco nights, toddler and disability sessions are among the events and it is even possible to book the whole place for a hen party! Group bookings are welcome, with a generous discount applied to larger bookings.

The staff at Play Rascal are just fantastic. From the friendly welcome every time to the helpful team in the cafe we have never been anything but impressed with their friendly attitude and great service. On our last visit Robbie got a little carried away and bumped into a chair, within seconds two members of their team were round to comfort him and make everything better. I think he just did it for the attention!

Rascals definitely gets five stars from me… And a billion stars from Robbie!

Play Rascal Clacton opening times and contact details:


We really hope you liked our review of Robbie Rascals soft play centre! All of the views are our own and are not sponsored in any way. Prices, times and contact info are correct at time of writing.

Just a reminder that as you may have seen at the top of the page, Rascals soft play has changed hands and rebranded as Playpalz. The soft play area itself has remained the same but there have been changes to the opening times, menus and pricing and I would highly recommend checking out my more recent review for up to date information.

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