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We are always looking for new great ways to help this blog grow. We are always open to discussing guest posts and collaborations with other bloggers. I have recently written articles for some great blogs and it would to be great to have more opportunities to write guest features.

If you are a company looking for some publicity, the chances are that we would love to take a look and review your product so please get in touch. I am PR friendly and open to collaborations with any suitable brands.

Thanks for the amazing review from Steve (the_diary_of_dad).  Steve has a great way with words and also managed to capture the magic of kids using Switch Assist perfectly!  Steve has a great grasp of social media and has certainly showed me how to do it!  Thanks Steve”.

Graeme Allison, switch-assist

A selection of my reviews:

What A Week!

In case you haven’t noticed by now, the world has gone a little bit crazy. Widespread panic and sky high stacks of toilet rolls have become the norm but somehow, I seem to have avoided most of it.

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