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Thanks for stopping by. The diary of Dad series focuses on my life as a Dad to the world’s cutest little man (Opinions are my own.). The stories and emotions are real and told from the perspective of Dad. They are designed to make you smile, laugh and maybe even pity me a little.

You will also find a range of posts about Robbie’s favourite places to visit, toys and games. There are even some strange parenting gems hidden amongst the rubble.

The views and opinions expressed are all my own (and Robbie’s!) We hope you enjoy reading, thanks for coming to see us!

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The diary of Dad, part 5

New born babies are strange little things. For all the constant attention they crave and the panic and chaos they create, they do not actually do very much at all.

The Diary Of Dad

So we all remember that magical moment when you find out you are expecting your first child. The romance, the joy, that feeling of fulfilment.

I just love writing and I’m always on the lookout for subjects Robbie and I can share with the world. If you have a product, business or anything else you would like to see in my blog just let us know. More detail can be found in the contact us page.