Why did the blog vanish?

(Because Dad is an idiot)

Robbie laughing, probably at Dad!
At least someone found it funny!

So a few people may have noticed that my beautiful blog disappeared today. A few others may have noticed that the page had turned into a website for a completely fictional restaurant (which looked pretty good!)

But never fear, the blog is back here! Now I’m sure people have noticed the site has a shiny new look and will have put two and two and come to the conclusion it was down for a little maintenance and an upgrade. How wrong you people are.

Looking back at the site earlier I decided it needed a little more sparkle, some colour and a menu. Simple. I just selected a new web theme and hit select, feeling rather pleased with myself for my shiny new creation.

Then reality hit in. I checked to see it live and in action and realised my site was now an advert for a restaurant and my work had vanished. A few choice words later and the solution come to my head to simply change it back the the theme I had before, it’s not rocket science.

Long story short, I now had a website for educational training courses. Although the thought did cross my mind that this was probably much more useful than my strange ramblings I decided to put it all back together again.

Of course, as many of you will know, I am an idiot. I have no idea how to put a website together from nothing; I don’t even own a computer and can barely operate a toaster.

Combined with this, the wife was at work so I was playing single Dad for the day. Robbie found the whole scenario most amusing and as I screamed and hit myself on the forehead the helpful beast joined in, screaming in my ear and hitting my head until he knocked me over. This has not been my day.

There is a message in all of this and here it is. Don’t bother trying to do anything. Or if that message isn’t motivational enough try this one…

Today I lost all of the work I have done and was faced with an impossible task to try and retrieve it. Not only did I succeed but I think I have come out of the other side with a better site than I was trying to build this morning. Seven painful hours later, I won!

So, in summary, the life lesson is…. I’m an idiot. An idiot with a blog.

Thanks for reading and if you see anything really off on the site (broken links etc) please let me know in the comments. Please give me a like and share aswell, I feel like a deserve it today!!

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6 responses to “Why did the blog vanish?”

  1. I would’ve panicked too if my blog disappeared. I like playing around with my theme as well but I always back it up first so I can revert back if needed. Glad you got your blog back :-).


  2. Did you ever retrieve the blog? I’m curious to know what happened. I had an album on Facebook that mysteriously disappeared. Never been able to retrieve it. I often wonder why things happen and if everything happens for a reason. Great blog! By the way, you are not an idiot.


  3. I have lost my blog twice and went into full panic mode add into that hysterical, luckily my hubby sorted it for me. I feel these things need to happen (my excuse) so you never make the mistake again although it took me twice x


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