Isn’t it ironic?

This may disappoint a few drawn in by the headline but sadly this is not a tribute to the fantastic Alanis Morissette. It is instead a crazy celebration of the irony that this wonderful Tuesday has in store for us.

Today is a special day, particularly for those that enjoy irony, as it is World health day. For those that have been living under a rock for a few months, firstly thanks for staying there in isolation but most people have noticed the world currently has a sick note.

Even our leader in the UK in the fight against this horrific virus is currently off work ill (Get well soon Boris) and many are starting to feel the effects of two weeks sitting on the sofa eating crisps and guzzling wine through a straw.

More ironically for me, is that I am currently feeling in better health than ever before. This is mainly as I have always lived my life this way and a such the experience of isolation is nothing new to me. I have taken the opportunity of a little time off work to eat slightly healthier and cut back on some of the bad habits I developed as a working man, I actually feel great right now! Despite these small improvements, I won’t be celebrating world health day as it is not the only event taking place.

Quite amazingly, it is also world beer day! Now quite how this fixture clash occurred is beyond me but I certainly know which I prefer and the answer is not a salad and a jog.

Of course, circumstances have conspired against us and we can not all gather in the pubs and beer gardens to enjoy a brew together but again this is no problem for me.

I’ve spent my whole career working in pubs. For the majority of my adult life I have also lived in pubs and until the last few years a rather unhealthy proportion of my free time was spent touring various bars too.

I’ve now settled down and very rarely go out for a drink. This is partly due to being a slightly responsible parent but more that the thought of being with my boy whilst I have a hangover scares the life out of me. I still love a beer, just only a couple a night from the comfort of my home. Perfect.

I’ll just be spending my day as usual and taking part of both these events purely through my usual routine. The day will be spent chasing Robbie around the garden and the evening spent with a nice beer or two.

Whatever your plans are today, enjoy it. Remember to keep laughing whether you are spending world health day stuck in the house or world beer day by looking at the closed pubs, irony can be fun!

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One response to “Isn’t it ironic?”

  1. I was also struck with the irony of World Health Day occuring during this pandemic. Also, like you, I am getting healthier and not less healthy. My daughter and I are doing daily cardio videos and yoga plus I am doing 100 squats per day adn a rather large length of steps (272)


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