An Easter Miracle

I have never been a religious man. That is not to say I do not believe in some greater power, I just have no idea what it is. Today though, we have seen a miracle on Good Friday right inside our own home.

Sadly this is not a cure for Coronavirus nor is it anything of use to people outside of our little bubble but it has made me a very happy Daddy.

The miraculous sequence began at 7PM last night. I put Robbie in his cot and began the usual routine of trying everything in my power to get the boy to sleep. Unsuccessfully.
Perhaps his kind little heart just didn’t want to miss the 8PM clap for our country’s fantastic key workers but as usual he fought sleep with all of his might. He was finally defeated by around 9PM, the usual two hour struggle over for another day.

We sat down to watch The Tiger King (You must watch it if you haven’t seen it!) and relaxed, waiting for the first wake up of the evening.

After all this time, Sarah and I have developed a pretty crazy but effective night time routine to deal with our son’s refusal to sleep. She will go to bed pretty early, whilst I stay up until around 3AM and handle any issues until then. She is up at 6AM which only leaves a small window for him to actually wake either of us up.

I realise that I get the far better end of this deal. Her early start is spent feeding, changing and drinking insane amounts of coffee. My night shift entails watching TV, playing video games and drinking moderate amounts of beer. No contest.

So anyway, back to the miracle. When I finally dragged myself out of bed today, Sarah reported that Robbie had not woken her in the night at all and she had a great night’s sleep. I had to take a moment to think but then realised he had not disturbed me once during my ‘shift’ either.

It has taken 1 year, 8 months and 2 days but Robbie has actually slept through the night for the first time. If this is not an Easter miracle then I do not know what is!

Of course tonight may be back to usual with cries and screams every hour stopping Mum and I getting any rest but for today, a big thank you to whoever is up there looking out for us. Happy Easter everyone!

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2 responses to “An Easter Miracle”

  1. I know we were surprised to wake up one morning rested and refreshed not too long ago 😆 our little guy finally did the same thing and it felt soooo amazing. Sounds like you guys have some awesome teamwork for parenting 🙌 keep safe over there 🙏


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