Blogtober is here!

Now I realise that most of you reading this post will have absolutely no idea what that title means and I must admit, I only learnt myself last week. My little old blog is less than a year old so this is my first October as a blogger.

The blogtober challenge is actually a pretty simple concept. The mysterious creator (I have no idea who it is, sorry) nominates some of their favourite bloggers to post every day throughout October. If they accept the challenge, they then nominate other bloggers to do the same. Somehow this chain has found me and I have been nominated by both claire from staposthriftylifehacks and Jupiter from, both fantastic bloggers.

As it stands, I have nobody to nominate to carry on the chain. If you are reading this and would like to get involved too, just drop my a message and join the fun!

Those that regularly follow the blog will know that my posting at the moment is not exactly daily, nor even weekly. The truth is that as I’m writing this I’m struggling to even remember when I last posted anything on here! I’m not going to pretend that my brain will instantly transform into a hub of creativity overnight nor that Robbie will go through such incredible changes every day this month that I have quality daily content to share. Those that are really paying attention will have noticed that today is the 2nd of October, so technically I failed miserably before I even started.

So I’ll be doing the challenge a little differently. I’ll be aiming to write at least twice a week including a few October and Autumn related posts such as Halloween crafts and places to visit this season. I would much prefer to set myself this achievable and realistic goal than to even pretend I have the skills needed to post daily quality content.

So on to the opening ritual. Each blogger taking part will be answering the same set of questions as a way of easing in to blogtober, all related to the Autumn. As a very, very simple man I’ll be enlisting the help of my lovely wife Sarah to answer a few! Here we go…

What’s your favourite fall scent?

This first question sums up exactly why I summoned the wife for help. I have no idea on scents whereas she is a connoisseur of fine candles and anything else a little smelly. She assured me that toffee apple is a solid answer, even if we both agree that may be more Winter.

Do you prefer pumpkin pie or apple pIe?

Easy one. I’ve never actually even tried pumpkin pie, is that not just an American thing? Either way, apple pie has to win this one as a non contest.

What’s one autumn tradition you have?

Absolutely nothing. We do usually take our annual holiday at this time of year but not really sure that counts. Still have tickets to fly to Spain tomorrow but they won’t be seeing any action this year!

What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween?

I’m that miserable guy who hates fancy dress and just does the minimum required not to look out of place. Usually some type of hat does the job but now with a toddler, I may have to be a little more creative and a lot more enthuastic!

What are you most excited for in Fall?

Halloween. You may have got the impression from my previous answer that this would not be the case but I am actually looking forward to it this year. Robbie has a little more idea what is going on in the world around him and I’m sure we can find plenty of ideas to make it a fun occasion for him. Even if I do have to dress up.

What is your favourite scary movie

Not really my thing. Sarah has full control over the tv remote and I’m led to believe I will get a small electric shock should I touch it. I did like the Scary Movie films back in the day, so I guess that would be my cop out of an answer for this one.

What is your favourite Halloween candy?

They make Halloween candy? I like sweets and face a constant battle to stop Robbie saying American words such as candy due to all the American kids youtube channels he watches. Fortunately he can’t read this blog and probably wouldn’t be interested anyway, so I’ll allow the question to stand.

What is your warmest Fall memory?

Is bonfire night in Autumn? I’m not ready great with season dates but if Fall starts in October it must still be going in early November even if it certainly feels like Winter. I used to love bonfire night in the village I grew up in. It was always a huge event and the everyone would turn up and make a great night of it. An hour of fireworks would be followed by live bands in the social club and it would usually be the biggest event of the year. I’m looking forward to seeing how Robbie responds to fireworks this year too, even if we are just watching the sky from our garden.

What is your favourite Autumn must have?

I know I’ve said this before but it still stands true. I’m a very lucky man who has everything he could ever want with a beautiful family, good friends and a fridge full of beer. There is very little I even want in terms of materialistic products, let alone anything I could call a must have. I guess the closest answer I can give is a coat, but I have one of them too.

No further questions your honour. Thanks for reading this far and realising what a miserable and simple man I really am. If you are a blogger and would like to get involved with Blogtober, drop me a message and I’ll happily nominate you. Have a great Autumn everyone!

Where did my baby go?

Today is a little surreal. Somehow it is the day that we we are taking Robbie for a walk around his new primary school to check out the next phase of his childhood. It just doesn’t feel right.

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