A new adventure

So here we are back in lockdown and to be honest, I’m looking forward and hoping the next few weeks are better than the last.

To be completely honest I’ve been struggling a little over the last month. The global situation and the feeling that half the world has lost their minds have probably not helped, perhaps I’ve spent too much time watching the news but I am beginning to think we are all going a little crazy and a month away from the world might do some of us a bit of good.

This is not actually the main cause of my lack of zest for recently though. Whilst the world is busy dealing with a global pandemic I’ve been sitting feeling very sorry for myself about an ear infection. It’s worse than man flu.

Of course I realise how petty this all sounds but feeling pain every time I move, or don’t move, or stand up, or lay down, or…. well you get the point, is not that pleasant. Despite my whinging, I can actually handle a little pain. What I can’t handle is not being able to run, jump and play with my mini partner in crime every day with him not comprehending why Dad won’t play with him.

I really didn’t help myself to get over it. I’ve always hated going to see a doctor and was even more determined to avoid it in the current climate. After about five weeks of pain though I thought perhaps it was time to sort myself out.

Rather than call, I used the 111 website which helpfully advised me to avoid the docs and just go to the pharmacist which was pretty much what I had hoped for. Sadly though the pharmacist then told me to go to the doctors. I called up and of course, got instructed to go the the pharmacy. Long story short, eventually I managed to get something to fix me and I’m now slowly getting towards full health and able to run, jump, skip and dance with Robbie again.

Other than my moaning, there have been other developments in the house recently. My beautiful and talented wife (I know she’ll read this) has ventured out and created her own business. I’ve long been of the opinion that the economy will soon be based simply on young mums selling candles and other smelly things to each other but what Sarah is creating is a little different.

Her initial idea to make personalised keyrings using people’s photos and her graphic skills turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. Just a few weeks later and she is now busy making frames, personalised boxes and all manner of amazing personalised gifts. She is even in the process of acquiring products from other small businesses in the area to create unique gift boxes that will support small companies all over Essex. I couldn’t be more proud.

She has made one rather large mistake already though, putting me in charge of creating a website for her products. I can understand the logic as I have a little experience in making a website, this one, but that is as far as it goes.

Not only was I handed the task at a time where I was incapable of doing much at all (Did I mention I was ill?) But also given a brief that even the most IT savvy creator would struggle with. Making a website shop showing off her creations without paying out any cash.

For those who have not experienced the joys of creating a site, everywhere that advertises ‘free’ web space has a way of taking some cash of you. For example, to put a payment option so people can buy products on the provider we use is about £250 a year. When you are only making about 50p on each keyring it’s pretty hard to justify.

The second part of the challenge is that Sarah is far more proactive than I and will have an idea and just do it. I prefer to think of something, fully consider it and then realise I’m far too lazy and take a nap. The result of this is a website showing that she just sells keyrings, which is soo last month now! If you do want a look at her keyrings, or just to laugh at my awful efforts you can find her expertly made shop here.

A quick note for those reading to keep up with Robbie. He’s all good and is certainly enjoying his terrible two’s, running constantly and smashing up the house. He has also decided that he is now smart enough so no longer plays games where we ask him questions and he tries to answer, it’s the other way around these days. Next time you see it please be prepared to be asked “what colour is it?” And if you are correct you will be a “good boy.” This applies to both men and women, not sure he’s figured out the differences quite yet.

Thanks for reading and hope you are keeping well, see you all soon! Steve.

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