Great Easter crafts for the family

If you’re looking for a fun yet simple craft to make with your toddler this Easter, this could be just the thing.

We were looking for something to let our son, Robbie, bring out his creative side and found this activity perfect for a two year old.

What you will need:




A little artist to help!

To get started, first you will need to make your eggs. This is simple enough by cutting around a template but if you have a printer then you can find egg templates online very easily. We used card as it is a little more solid for the amount of paint Robbie likes to splash on but this can easily be replaced by normal paper if you are looking for something simpler.

The ‘Happy Easter’ in the centre of the banner is obviously a little more difficult to make yourselves unless you either have fantastic writing or craft skills. We were happy to cheat with this and used an online design and came across a fantastic free template site that saved the day. We just needed to cut around the letter to create the perfect centrepiece then we were ready to move on.

The next step is to make small holes at the top of each Easter egg and carefully thread string through each hole to transform it in to a banner. All of this so far was done whilst Robbie had his nap, we’re not silly, but now we needed our artist.

Now for the fun part. We unleashed the little beast with an arsenal of crayons, craft paint and stickers and let him work his magic. It’s fair to say he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Obviously parental supervision is required at this stage unless you secretly want your whole room painted on the cheap. A little bit of plastic covering on the carpet is also highly recommended.

The last step was to hang his finished masterpiece proudly on the wall. Now he can’t take his eyes off it and is obviously delighted with his work.

We hope you enjoy making your own Easter banner as we did. If you are still looking for more Easter ideas that your child will love, please check out the posts below for more crafts and treats.

Happy Easter from us all. Steve.

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2 responses to “Great Easter crafts for the family”

  1. Bravo robbie. Your cardboard Easter eggs look great but have you had a chocolate one yet?


    • Just the very small ones so far. Plenty of Easter eggs getting hidden away for tomorrow’s treasure hunt though, he certainly won’t be going without!


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