Duck on Call – Robbie reviews

Some things in life can just seem like destiny. Whether these things are pure coincidence or a greater power having a chuckle at us we may never know but either way, you just have to take a closer look when these things are sent your way.

For those just stumbling across this blog for the first time, I have a Son called Robbie who is now approaching his fourth birthday. It is fair to say that Robbie’s love of cars is to the point of obsession and he spends far too many hours each day believing he is race car and happily pointing this out to anyone he may pass by.

Now what people may not know, is that I regularly receive opportunities to work with some brands and review products, though it is pretty rare that I say yes to these offers.

I was recently contacted by PlayMobil regarding a new show launching on YouTube called Duck on Call and they were kind enough to gift Robbie a playset to try out. Obviously being the ultimate professional that I am, I took a little time to watch the pilot episode that had already been aired and I instantly realised this was a show we needed in our lives. The title of this first episode… Robbie’s race car. Destiny.

The series follows the adventures of Ducklas, a cheeky boy who has been transformed into a duck and must perform good deeds in order to be turned back.

Working alongside his friends, Ducklas joins fire, police and emergency rescue services to help protect the people of Playmoville in a calamitous yet endearing manner.

Though only the launch episode is currently available on YouTube, the duck on call series is set to be launched in June and is likely to prove popular with both preschool and primary aged kids.

As you may well know, PlayMobil are recognised as a leading brand when it comes to toys so it come as no surprise to us that the firefighter set kindly sent to Robbie was of their usual high quality.

A building set, which i will badly describe as somewhere between Lego blocks and Kinder surprise toys in style, depicting a scene of Ducklas and his pals putting out a fire and rescuing a cat from a tree. ( How do they always get stuck there?)

My toddler playing with his Duck on call firefighter playset

This set was perfect for Robbie to build with with me but certainly requires adult supervision as there are many small parts which are essential to building the piece and just one getting lost could cause problems.

Full instructions are provided and we had a great time both building the scene and then playing with the vehicles and characters we had made. This all ensures that children get to use their brain as well as their hand eye skills putting together the Duck on Call sets and then open their imagination to enjoy the toys once built, perfect for a child like Robbie.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing more of Ducklas in the future.

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Things change pretty quickly in life, particularly when dealing with toddlers. It goes without saying that being annoyed or at least slightly frustrated is 99% of parenting but there are a few little things that are far more infuriating than your average dad rage.

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