Fathers day gift ideas 2022

It’s that time again. A time to recognise the greatest humans known to mankind, Dads. For those not paying enough attention, June 19th is the magic date for Father’s day this year and here is just a small selection of wonderful gifts that all of us Super Dads would love to receive.

Daddy’s dream team shirts

Nobody will be surprised to see a football themed gift at the very top of my list but I am also a sucker for a personalised gift. This beautiful gift allows you to select your team’s shirt as well as the names on the back. I would highly recommend the Arsenal colours, though I suppose other choices are still a respectable option. A perfect present for any football fanatic.

Chocolate poem gift box

We all love chocolate but the standard ’box of choc’ gift can sometimes be seen as a little thoughtless. Reading a gift guide and then picking out a present that looks as though it has been picked up from a petrol station on the way home would seem a little pointless. This gift set ticks all the boxes however, combining a little bit of sentiment with a whole lot of flavour. There are a few of these to chose from on Amazon but the box below is my personal favourite. (Not just because it has Kinder!)

High quality underwear

Underwear is a funny gift. When bought for a woman it is considered to be a sexy present and a sign of love. Pants for a man however, are often thought to be a boring essential. The Fathers day range from Knicker Locker is a little different though.

Knicker Locker specialises in high quality underwear and having tried their Waxx range myself, I can honestly say they are in a different league to others. Comfortable and stylish, these are a fantastic gift for any Dad this year.

Each item comes beautifully packaged and there is a huge range available on the Knicker Locker website. They also have a range of socks too, well worth a look!

World beers set

Simple but effective. It may seem a little stereotypical to say that Dad’s love beer but… A lot of us do. The world of beer has changed too and you can now find give sets available for all types of different world beers and ales which means you can personalise your selection a little to suit the Dad in your life.

Perhaps the fact that I receive some form of booze every Father’s day, Birthday and Christmas says more about me than those buying the gift but it is without doubt one present i always appreciate!

World lager set

Red letter day vouchers

Is a voucher an acceptable present? Hell yeah! A Red letter day voucher allows the owner to do what they want, when they want.

From super car driving experiences to spa breaks and everything in between, they allow a great opportunity for Dad to set a date and experience that suits him and even tick something off their bucket list. The range of activities now available really is incredible and if you haven’t checked for a while, now is the time.

Get creative

No, ‘Get Creative’ is not the name if a company, product or shop. It is a very good gift idea though. Some of the very best presents are made at home and this is even more apt on Fathers Day. There is nothing more special than a card or drawing from your child showing some love to their old man, even if the effect does wear off a little once they get older!

As well as being the ultimate personalised gift it is also the cheapest and therefore an essential part of Fathers day.

Rum shack gift set

I know I already covered alcohol…. But rum is different! Truth be told, I’m not usually one for drinking spirits though spiced rum is always my go to as a special treat and Fathers day is just perfect for that!

This gift pack offers a great selection of spiced rums and flavoured mixers which are perfect for both rum experts and those looking to try out a few new flavour combinations. Yummy.

Personalised Keyring

As I mentioned at the start, I love a personalised gift. Pretty handy for me then that my wife runs a small business making just these! Her concept is simple, she adds any picture, words or quote into a keyring for you. Now is a great time to gift your Dad a memorable picture of the two of you together so he never gets the chance to forget you for a minute! She also makes personalised frames and I would highly recommend taking a look through her Facebook shop if you are looking for a great personal present.

Robbie and me 😃

Fathers day hamper

Now of course I know that Fathers day is one of the most important days of the year and that everyone should be spending months researching that perfect gift for Dad but that is not always the case.

If you are one of those few who have simply run out of time to go shopping or have perhaps exhausted all other options, this hamper has you covered.

The hamper includes all of the standard Fathers day essentials. Dad Keyring, cookies, novelty socks and a photo frame as well as a gift bag to save the wrapping. The hamper does include a card too, though you will have to write it out yourself!

That’s your lot for this year’s Fathers day gift guide. I hope you found something that you like or at the very least a little bit of inspiration. There are endless amounts of gift sets presents out there but every Dad is unique and only YOU know what your Dad loves so pick wisely.

Remember that these special days are actually about far more than presents. Simply picking up the phone or giving your Dad a big hug this year is just as important. Dads sometimes comes with a little bit of a preconception of being more focused on work and friends than family life but it simply is not always true. If they care for you, be sure to let them know that the feeling is mutual. Whatever you do this Father’s Day, have a great time!

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