Geosafari Jr My first microscope review

We were sent the geosafari jr my first microscope by BrightMinds in exchange for an honest review.

You may have noticed a clear theme in my recent posts here. With my Son, Robbie, all set to start primary school this year our focus is set on doing all we can to prepare him for this adventure.

We have been busy practicing essentials such as reading and writing as well as making up a few homemade arts and crafts such as turning simple paper plates into beautiful masterpieces! Until now science had been a subject that had evaded us, so we were delighted to receive the geosafari Jr my first microscope to take a close look at (get it?)

My first microscope review

We were delighted with how simple the microscope is to use. Robbie is a pretty hyperactive little guy and if something is a little fiddly or takes time to assemble, he is back off running or playing with his cars. The geosafari Jr microscope comes fully assembled meaning that his excitement of receiving a present had not disintegrated by the time we were ready to use it.

My toddler delighted to receive his new microscope from Dad
I think he likes it…

A strange quirk to Robbie is that almost any new item he receives has to be tested with his vehicles first so it was no surprise to see his cars were the first thing to be put under the microscope. He was amazed and delighted to see them up close and was soon running off to get a huge box of small cars to inspect.

The geosafari Jr microscope lens is so simple to operate that Robbie, who is only three years old, is able to operate it with ease and had great fun zooming in and out. He loved focusing in on the logos of each vehicle and telling me what make they all were.

Once he had finished studying them all, which was a long time later, Mum and I searched the house for a few more interesting items to study. Robbie was fascinated looking into detail at everyday items close up with different textures and patterns. He looked at onion and banana skins through the microscope lens, as well as apple slices and grains of rice. He was simply fascinated by everything! Our next step will be to find some microscope slides with small insects and other cool things for him to learn all about.

Robbie and Dad playing with his new Geosafari microscope

There is no doubt Robbie loves his Geosafari Jr microscope and it will be a great aid to his learning too. We have had a great time over the years building up his huge car collection but now that the transition from nursery to Primary school is fast approaching, it is definitely about time we sneaked some more constructive toys into his play.

BrightMinds online shop offers a fantastic range of educational toys for kids of all ages and we will certainly be shopping there in the future. Their website is so simple to use with a clear age filter meaning you can easily select the perfect learning tools for any child.

They really do have something for everyone and are also currently offering a ten percent discount on your first order along with free post and packaging on all orders over £50. It is well worth checking out the brightminds shop.

Thanks for reading Robbie and Dad’s review of the Geosafari Jr my first microscope. We can’t wait to share more of our adventures and look forward to speaking to you all soon. Take care, Dad.

Who’s the angel? Robbie versus Daddy

There’s a definite theme occurring that I can’t help but dispute. Almost each and every time a member of the public stops to talk to Robbie, they refer to him as a ‘little angel.’ Of course, I always give the typical parent reply of “you should see him at home” or something along those lines.

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