Muddy boots forest adventure review

I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there realising just how long six weeks really is! If you are looking for a great outdoor activity for your kids this Summer, Muddy boots forest adventures has you covered.

We were delighted to be offered the chance to go down and check out Muddy boots. We were able to book a spot on their science themed Summer camp day, which also happened to be Robbie’s birthday and it turned out to be the perfect start to the big day.

We were warmly greeted by Kirsty who explained everything that would be going on throughout the morning. Kirsty is a Montessori teacher and runs the forest school in this style. It is a relaxed, child led learning environment where the kids are allowed to explore by themselves and spend as much or little time on each activity as they choose which was perfect for us.

There were a wide range of toys, activities, sensory materials and science projects spread out throughout the wooded area. The variation ensured that there was plenty to do for all of the children as there was quite a wide range of ages attending on the day.

We started off by taking a quick lap to see what was on offer. We are lucky enough to have a small woods at the end of our road which we visit regularly, making it an environment that Robbie is comfortable in but we had never been to a forest school day before and wanted to see everything. There was so much to see and do that I can not cover it all so will share a few of Robbie’s favourite bits.

Perhaps a little a surprisingly given that Robbie is such an active little man, the first item to really capture his attention was a swinging hammock. He loved laying in it whilst we gently pushed him from side to side and found it all hilarious, maybe we need to get one for the garden!

Relaxing in an orange hammock at muddy boots forest adventures

We then spent a few minutes pushing around one of the small wheelbarrows and loading it up with logs and leaves that Robbie liked the look of. We found a nice quiet corner that we could dump it all in and build up our own little collection.

Next up was a small ‘slingshot’ on the ground. A simple contraption of a plank of wood on a tin jar with a small cup on one end and a plastic ball to put inside. Robbie spent what felt like forever catapulting the ball and seeing just how high and far he could make it fly. Turns out the answer is very very far as Dad had the sad role of retrieving it and bringing it back to the owner, like a well trained dog.

Thankfully I was eventually let off the hook as Kirsty gathered kids to show a few science experiments. In fitting with the Montessori teaching style, joining in was completely optional but we managed to convince Robbie to leave the catapult behind and go take a look. Many other kids and parents continued to play with other activities that were scattered around and there was never any pressure to join the group.

After the experiments we gathered around the campfire where Kirsty cooked up a delicious risotto for the kids to enjoy and this was the perfect wind down after a busy morning. Tea and coffee was also available throughout the morning for parents needing that caffeine kick so we took advantage of this whilst we had the opportunity to sit down. Once kids tummies were full and parents were watered everyone gathered around to hear a story to complete the class.

We had a great time at Muddy boots forest adventures and would highly recommend taking a look. They cover a great range of ages and have classes running all the way through the holidays at a number of locations in Essex. Classes run all year round so it it worth checking ahead for up to the minute information. Classes, prices, facilities and locations are all available on the muddyboots website.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has given you a great idea for a kids day out! We are always on the lookout for things to try and love visiting new places so keep your eyes peeled for many new reviews coming soon. Take care, Dad.

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  1. It is nice to have the opportunity of an educational, outdoor activity.
    Rather than being on a tablet or television all day.


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