Is Coronavirus the end? Probably not.

Ok so I’ve given in and done it. I had fully intended not to write anything about the Coronavirus but now that it seems to be the only thing on people’s minds, it seems silly not to.

Since the day the news broke from China I have had no fear. I’ve made jokes, laughed at internet memes and all the other stuff ignorant people like myself do. My great anger has not been that it would affect my everyday life or even my health but that football was being cancelled.

With developments in the last few days though, I am now starting to get a little worried. The situation has escalated pretty quickly and the time has come to take this a little more seriously.

I’m pretty sure I will get Coronavirus, not just because I’m a pessimistic guy. Working in a busy public place dealing with hundreds of people and handling cash all day leaves me with no real way of following any government advice given. How can I avoid public gatherings when the public are coming to me? Of course I can wash my hands over and over until they shrivel up and drop off but if estimates that 60% off us will get ill, it will take a small miracle to avoid it in this environment.

Now I am not one to worry too often. It takes a lot to bother me though I do admit to being a big sufferer when it comes to man flu. What actually scares me so much about this pandemic is the knowledge that infected, my son is almost to catch it too.

I realise that neither of us are in the most dangerous categories for this to really affect our health as drastically as it may others but the thought of being slightly responsible for making my boy unwell makes me feel… a little sick.

Panic mode has began across the country. We are not one of those crazy families that have a thousand loo rolls. We do have excessive amounts of beer, chocolate and crisps in the house but this is just normal for us. I think I may be needing an alcohol detox when this is all over!

Empty shelves at supermarkets as Coronavirus leads to panic buying

Empty shelves for everyday products have become the standard. Arcade machines containing toilet roll rather than toys are raking it in whilst hand sanitizer is selling for up to £100 a bottle on EBay. The irony that the majority of the products being wiped out are zero use to combat Coronavirus is not lost on most, but yet they still fly off the shelves.

The craziness has now made it’s way across the world and into my armchair. Perhaps it is merely the lack of football to take my anger out on but I found myself shouting at the television today. Watching Donald Trump telling everyone to be sensible and careful before shaking the hands of some of the most powerful people in America despite strong rumours that he himself could hold the virus. The rows of media packed tightly together whilst he told them to avoid public gatherings. Is humanity really this dumb?

Luckily for us all, the answer is actually no. I have great faith the fantastic scientists and and the brilliant healthcare professionals will pull us out of this hole and things will be back to normal soon.

Happily isolating with my little man
we’re isolating, go away!

There is one bright point in all of this misery for me. I have always expressed my envy at animals that can hibernate. The thought of self-isolation is my idea of Heaven and I’m never happier than at home playing with my family.

The weeks ahead are going to be tough for all of us and now is the perfect time to look for that silver lining. For me, I expect to be spending a whole lot of time with my little man and intend to enjoy it to the max. Who needs work and football anyway?

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