Butterfly paper plate craft

This butterfly paper plate is really simple to make but great fun and really encourages creativity. It is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers looking for simple crafts for beginners and parents, like myself, who are just getting settled in to the world of kids arts and crafts.

With Robbie’s first day at school fast approaching, we have been trying to get him ready with a few simple art projects. Last week we created our raincloud craft and he really enjoyed making it so now we have moved on to something slightly more complicated.

Butterfly paper plate: What you will need

  • Paper plates
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Child safe scissors
  • Paints/pens/crayons
  • child friendly glue
  • Anything pretty!

This craft does require a bit of help from an adult to set up when making with young children. Due to Robbie’s age (and menace,) I took full responsibility for anything needing scissors or glue.

First up, you will need to cut the plate in half and then trim into wing shapes as shown below.

Four images of the paper plate numbered in order of how you cut to make the butterfly craft shape.

Now that you have the paper butterfly wings, it is over to your little artist to get creative. One of the great things about this craft is that it really allows your child to use their imagination and the wings can be designed with any kind of paint or pens, you can even some glitter or any other sparkle from your craft kit.

Once you have your beautiful wings ready to go, it’s time to get to work on the lollipop stick. This can be done with a simple colour and a face drawn on top or a more complicated design for the stylish creators out there!

The very last step is to carefully glue the paper plate wings together and then glue the lollipop stick body on top and you will have your pretty butterfly. Robbie enjoyed making one so much that we just kept going and now have enough to open up a full paper plate butterfly art museum!

Two paper plates butterflies with different patterns and colours on each wing

We will be making plenty more paper plate designs in the coming weeks. It is such a simple, cheap and versatile activity and really brings out Robbie’s creative side. It’s also nice to have a little break from his constant full speed craziness and get him sat in a chair for a few minutes!

He actually enjoys these organised activities more than I had expected and we had a great time creating homemade moon sand recently. Maybe he is ready to learn at school after all!

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