The seven deadly sins challenge

A couple of years ago I wrote a post challenging my son Robbie to prove that he really is an Angel. I was tired of walking down the street and people stopping by to tell him what a great guy he was when all he did in reality was to torture my soul on a daily basis.

I thought the most logical thing to do about this dilemma was to create a seven deadly sins challenge and see in which areas he really was more angelic than his quite heavenly Father and which ones he fails miserably. Much to my surprise he somehow sneaked his way to a win and I vowed to try again in the future when he had lost a little more of his cuteness. So here we are.

Robbie starts primary school on Monday so this seems like the perfect time to see whether he maintained his good nature and virtuous lifestyle through his preschool years or whether his Dad can prove that I really am the angel for putting up with his years of torment.

What are the seven deadly sins?

Pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth make up the seven deadly sins and they will be the basis of this competition. Rules are simple, 1 point for the least sinful in each category until Dad has the most points and wins. Round one…


I’m proud of many of my life achievements. I’ve managed a few things that have even surprised me such as quitting smoking. My life may not be spectacular but I’ve always held it together and somehow managed to produce a boy that, so far, seems to be another decent addition to humanity. I’ve found a great wife, raised a family and even kept a job that I’ve felt like quitting every day for the last twenty years. I’ve got plenty to be proud of.

Robbie has plenty to be proud of too but I’m not sure that he feels it in the same way that I do. He is a such a well mannered, polite and friendly boy when we are out as well as always being popular with his friends and teachers at nursery and although he should be proud of this, it is actually me that holds the greater sense of pride when I see him behave in this way. For that reason, he can have this round.


Tough one. I would not generally consider myself to be a particularly greedy person. Of course I always want more but that is just human nature to some extent. I would like more money of course but that is more for logical reasons and necessity in providing all I can for Robbie rather than a sense of greed and just wanting more cash to blow.

With Robbie it is often more a case of obsession than greed. He seems determined to own every toy car and race track ever created and will even demand that we buy him cars that he already owns if no others are available in the shop. On his birthday last month, despite getting absolutely spoilt with presents, he still insisted that we visit the toy shop on the day and came away with even more. I think that is 1-1.


I don’t have wrath. I actually somewhat wish that I did and that I would occasionally have a little more anger or nastiness about me. It just does not come naturally to me and I am a very chilled out guy.

Robbie is the same… Most of the time. He can fly in to a bit of a rage, as all kids his age do. This is only set off by huge events such as the wrong type of pasta for dinner, not allowing chocolate for breakfast or bedtime still being a thing day after day. Only one winner in this round, 2-1 to Dad.


I’m envious and I think that we all are a little. The current world of filtered social media posts, fake smiles and propaganda can often make it feel like everyone has the perfect life but us. Of course I know this is not the case and perhaps I am even part of the problem with my own social pages and blog. However you look at it, I regularly see or hear people enjoying their holidays or just out for a few beers on a Friday night whilst I am at home with the boy and I wish I was there. I’m sure when they wake up with hangovers they wish they were me though, the grass isn’t always greener!

All kids have envy too with Robbie being no exception. If he sees any child with any toy, he wants that toy. He struggles at home any time the attention is not fully on him too and if his Mum and I have have the audacity to try and have a conversation together he will get louder and louder until we give up and go back to showing him attention. This may seem like a single child stereotype but it is completely true, no matter how many toys he has he needs us playing with him at all times! Despite this, I’ll concede this round and level things up, just to keep it interesting. (If it ever was!)


I could probably just copy and paste the result of this from the original challenge as very little has changed here. Robbie is way too young to have any idea what lust is whilst there is still walking proof that I have had sex at least once. I hope I will be winning this category for at least another 15 years but as I am starting to realise, kids do grow up way to fast and one day he will be bringing partners home for me to criticise and feel they are not good enough for my baby!! 3-2 to the child.


I’ve struggled with my weight for all my life. Whilst most are constantly trying new diets and exercise to keep the pounds off I have forever had the build of a garden rake, often the haircut too. I used to try everything from protein shakes to just consuming horrific amounts of calories but always remained the same slim build. The main reason for this is that I’m just not a foodie and I don’t really have a huge appetite. I have no issue going large parts of the day without eating and simply don’t have the time or energy to bother trying to squeeze three meals into a day.

”Can I have some crispies?” “Are there sweets?” “What’s in the cupboard?” And his favourite…. “Can I have a treat?” All day every day from the minute he wakes up until he finally sleeps. The boy would eat junk food until he exploded if allowed. Strangely he is always too full when dinner turns up though. 3-3, this is a close one!


If I ever do one of these challenges again, remind me not to put this sin last. This is a complete walkover sadly as Robbie continues to have boundless energy and will never stop. I may be wrong but it feels as though he is actually sapping this energy directly from me and the more he runs, the more drained I feel.

I’ve always been a little bit on the lazy side anyway so to be compared to a hyperactive four year old really is not a fair contest so I’ll just have to concede. 4-3 Robbie.

So who is the angel?

So it turns out that despite his growing number of faults and a little of his baby charm wearing off, Robbie is still more angelic than Dad. It’s getting closer though. We will take another test in the future, perhaps when he is a teenager, to see how long his angel wings last.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my crazy ramblings and if you would like to read the original seven deadly sins challenge, just click on my little Angel below. Dad.

Who’s the angel? Robbie versus Daddy

There’s a definite theme occurring that I can’t help but dispute. Almost each and every time a member of the public stops to talk to Robbie, they refer to him as a ‘little angel.’ Of course, I always give the typical parent reply of “you should see him at home” or something along those lines.

He’s getting old

I no longer have a three year old. Another year has passed by, somewhat successfully and it is time to find out exactly what a four year old does.

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