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The Diary Of Dad- The First Entry

So we all remember that magical moment when you find out you are expecting your first child. The romance, the joy, that feeling of fulfilment.

I was on my lunch break on a freezing cold day in December, munching on a double cheeseburger whilst walking back to work when the call came.

THE WIFE flashed up on the phone and I answered, wondering what chores I had forgotten to do that day and thinking of my excuses already. The news was far scarier than I imagined, we were having a baby!

So all of those magical emotions had to be surpressed as I returned to work, it was not the time to tell the world and life around me carried on as though my world being shattered had no affect at all. It was not until 6 hours later when I arrived home that the reality began to sink in… we have created a monster!!

Panic began to set in. We need to quit smoking. And Drinking. And gambling. And everything else. We need a career change as we won’t survive on this money and we need to move to a bigger house in a better area to bring up a child. Why are our lives a disaster and how can we fix all this in just 8 months to make our new arrival think his parents are normal?

Fast forward. The time has come and the 9 months is up, the missus is looking fantastic (she will read this) and is certainly not looking anything like a bowling pin. We know it’s a boy and his name will be Dylan, yet he is still not keen to grace us with his arrival despite midwives having suggested he is likely to be early due to his size and early efforts to escape the womb. Another 2 weeks drift by peacefully until the day comes to induce the wife and force the little man into the big world.

What followed next was nothing short of a horror story. Three days of blood, screaming, needles and other bodily fluids mixed with a combination of mind-altering chemicals turn my usually sharp minded and witty wife into a dribbling moron. The midwife desperately tries to make conversation with this monster and asks what the boy’s name will be, “Robbie, or that other name I can’t remember,” the monster replied.

The entire ordeal ends in surgery with a forceps delivery. The surgeon tries to hand me the blood covered new addition to the family but after nearly 4 days of no food or sleep and fearing for the safety of wife and baby, I’m in no condition to take him. Apparently it was quite tough for the wife aswell. After 2 minutes reality kicks in when I cut the cord and hold the Cutest thing I have ever seen in my arms. Welcome to the world Robbie Lucas.

My first ever picture with my beautiful son

Thank you for reading my first ever attempt at a blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Robbie is now 18 months old and I will be writing more about all the stages of both father and son growing up. Please leave a comment below if you liked the story and I’m sure you will love the next chapter of Dad’s diary.

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The diary of Dad- Part 2

A not very brave new world The world had changed. I was Dad. As I held the little man that I had a very small part in creating for the first time, I knew that life would never be the same again.


Just your average Dad with a diary. I have now been blogging for a year happily sharing all the highs and lows of being a father to a beautiful little man. Also a very occasional helper to my wife’s personalised gift shop, though perhaps not as helpful as I could be!

44 thoughts on “The Diary Of Dad- The First Entry

  1. Really enjoyed this first post! I got a real sense of Steve coming across..looking forward to your next post that’s if your wife lets you survive after calling her a dribbling moron x


  2. Great read! Looking forward to more! It’s nice to feel that I wasn’t the only dribbling moron in that situation! 😜


  3. Had a little giggle, but enjoyed reading. Looking forward to hearing more. You are both amazing parents.


  4. Keep this going steve. We love little robbie even though he was a bugger to his mum at birth. Robbie really is very very cute. Granddad G


  5. There is nothing in life scarier than being handed this new little human and being expected to know what to do! I remember after having my first son being left in the hospital with this tiny new born on my own as my husband and family had gone hope…………I literally did not sleep ALL night as I had absolutely no idea of what to expect or what to do 😂 It’s the one job you need no qualifications to do yet it’s THE most important job you will do!


  6. It’s the one job that you need no qualifications to do and yet it’s definitely the most important job we will do in our lifetime! I remember the fear after having my son, all the family and my husband had left and i was left alone to keep this little human alive by myself all night 😂 I didn’t sleep a wink!


  7. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures as a dad – and wishing you loads of fun!


  8. Aww hey Steve and welcome to the crazy world of blogging! I totally loved being pregnant with my daughter, such a magical time! She is 11 now and never fails to amaze me daily! SIm – SimsLife


  9. Congratulations on having your first baby. It sounds like quite an ordeal but I’m glad to see all made it through relatively unharmed.


  10. Congratulations! I totally understand that feeling when these little munchkins come to turn our lives upside down, but in a good way. I also have a 19-month-old son. I totally enjoyed reading this.


  11. As someone who doesn’t have kids I can’t begin to imagine how it must feel when you first find out you’re expecting and how to tell the dad x


  12. I don’t have children so I can’t imagine how all the pregnancy stages and the birth process might have been. A 4 days labor however much have been intense and so difficult for both you and your wife.


  13. Aww what a wonderful start to your blogging journey! And I love how even at the start it seems like nothing quite goes to plan in terms of parenting!


  14. What a great post, and you made me chuckle with “the wife will read this” part haha. Congratulations too!


  15. Great to read your first post! That first time finding out you are having a baby is so amazing but so terrifying too! At least it was to me.


  16. My husband had the presence of mind to cut himself some sandwiches before driving me to hospital before my eldest son was born. That was 40 years ago next week.

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  17. What a lovely post , you soon forget the pain and anguish when you hold your new bundle in your hands. Looking forward to more posts from you .


  18. Hahaha Steve you write about a scary and traumatic experience in a very funny way. I truly hope you and your wife have managed to recover well from a traumatic experience


  19. Nothing quite prepares you for the reality of birth does it…… daughter has just had her first and she said “why didn’t you tell me” LOL


  20. The birth of my son is a subject i will one day conver on my own blog post. Well done. Im curious about how many of the changes you felt you and your wife needed to make got changed.


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