Too much time on my hands?

Day 38 of lockdown part 3, I think. I had promised myself that this time I would be far more productive and spend time getting my life in order, taking advantage of the extra free time rather than just melting further into my armchair.

This has not been the case. It appears that the more time I have to spare, the more willing I am to waste it and incredibly manage to become even less active than ever before.

That being said, I have gained some great knowledge and feel that since I always aim to keep this blog both informative and current I really should share this with my huge and loyal fan base. So here it is.

Tomorrow is National work naked day. For some strange reason this great day in our nation’s culture seems to be rarely mentioned in the mainstream media when compared to similar standout days, such as Christmas or Fathers day.

Perhaps it is due to the intimidating thought of sharing every flap and wrinkle with your colleagues, or maybe even the fear of seeing theirs. Fortunately I took the time to do a little deeper research.

National work day actually advises that you should ask your boss to work from home to celebrate. This not only saves embarrassment but also lawsuits and potential prison sentences for those working in certain sectors.

It also advises that the word naked does not have to be taken literally and is more to do with working in comfort but this does take the fun anyway in my humble opinion.

Given the current state of the country, it is safe to assume that more people than ever are in a position to celebrate this great occasion than ever this year, just remember to stay off zoom calls.

If you are reading this and thinking it’s just not for you then never fear, I’ve got you covered. Saturday is eat ice cream for breakfast day so just take advantage of that instead. See what I mean about informative and current?

So now that I have proved beyond any doubt that I have way too much time on my hands and clearly wasting it, here’s a little update.

There have been a few things going on in our lives that probably deserve more words than the above. Both Sarah and myself had a little illness last week and had to take the dreaded Covid test, fortunately both came back negative.

Robbie, my son, was unwell too for about half an hour. His symptoms never stretched further than just a runny nose meaning he could continue to smash the house up and scream in our faces whilst we struggled with headaches and illness. That was fun.

Robbie has now reached a strange stage where building obstacle courses and hurting himself seem to be his favourite hobbies. He throws pillows and blankets all around the floor and jumps from tables and furniture then up and over these until he inevitably lands badly and cries. Quick kiss from Mum or Dad then repeat. It keeps him happy I guess.

His speech and communication skills have really come on in the last few weeks too. He seems to have learnt how to tell lies, though not very well. He will tell us he has hurt himself when he should be going to sleep just to get a little attention and a few other white lies.

Perhaps his most skilful deception so far is with his nursery teacher, Louise. She is teaching Robbie the difference between big and small as part of her course and reported to us that he seems to know the difference but always gets them the opposite way around. We had to break the news to her that he has been having her on and fully knows which is which, he just likes getting things wrong on purpose!

In far happier news, Robbie become a ‘big’ cousin for the first time yesterday. We’re still awaiting all the details and name and I’ll hopefully be allowed to write a nice full blog post soon about it. For now though, we couldn’t be happier and just can’t wait to meet the little man! It does seem as though my little man’s name suggestion of ‘baby Robbie Lucas’ is not going to happen though.

Best wishes to new Mum and Dad and can’t wait to see you guys and meet the new baby. Sarah is blessed with a huge family and Robbie has plenty of cousins from her side but to see my own brother joining the wonderful world of Fatherhood is incredible.

Becoming a Dad is the most life changing yet rewarding experience I have ever gone through and I can’t wait to be there to offer unwelcome advice to my poor brother. He is a little older and wiser than me so the opportunity to actually be a little ahead on something is one that I can not let pass!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you found this post in any way helpful or educational then you are sadly even more misguided than me but I appreciate it none the less. The blog turned a year old last month and I still really do value the support from everyone that takes the time to read my nonsense and humour me.

Take care and I hope to see you all soon, Steve.

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  1. Love it!
    Yes, the ‘telling lies’ stage. It can last quite some time (years in fact). Always be ready to catch him out and then forgive when he accepts, and understands why, he’s in the wrong.

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