Well hello civilisation

We’ve nearly made it. I’ll admit I have no clue how long we have actually been in lockdown for nor how long it has been since I saw certain family or friends.

What I do know, is that I’ve always been a little bit socially awkward. Not to the extreme that I can’t hold eye contact or make gentle small talk but it is fair to say I’ve always been more comfortable in my own company than with others.

Add to this that my last three haircuts have been attempted by the wife and that I have lived this period with a crazy two year old as my main source of conversation, I have no idea how making a return to civilisation will work for me.

Despite all this, I can’t wait. There are family members and friends I am desperate to spend some time with and even though they may not be as keen to see me, I know they have missed my little man Robbie.

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We have family overseas, relatives who were told to shield and others who have had new additions to the family since we all locked ourselves away and it is going to be incredible for Robbie to get out and see all these people. Even if Dad has lost the tiny amount of social skills he held before and fails to even string a sentence together, Robbie will have no such worries.

The strange thing is, I have not really changed much through lockdown. The usual conversation starters of ‘what have you been up to’ or ‘what’s new’ could all be answered in a word for me. Nothing. For a two year old though, these people have not seen him in the flesh for half his life and everything has changed.

For example, he used to be cute. He would love a cuddle, had the most adorable little walk and the few words he could say were so memorable and it was simply amazing every time he added a new one to his vocabulary.

Now he is in his terrible two’s. If you want a cuddle then you’ll have to catch him first. Constant running, climbing and jumping onto anything and everyone he sees. He can also say pretty much anything, but will often chose ‘I want…’ and scream it over and over and over again. Not cute. He has also taken to talking in the style of his idol, Blippi, which he really needs to snap out of!

Joking aside though he is an incredible boy now, not the baby that most will remember and I can’t wait to be that annoying guy who just talks about his kid all the time again. I’ve been incredibly lucky that with all the devastation caused by Covid, I have been able to spend so much extra time with him whilst he has made this transition.

Of all the things I am looking forward to with Robbie it is his new role as a big cousin that I can not wait to see him embrace. He has a great relationship with older cousins from Sarah’s side of the family and they love and protect him but now the roles are reversed.

Our new member of the family is the first addition from my side of the line and the first baby in Robbie’s life. I’m so excited to watch their relationship grow through the years and hope they will stay close as we all get older.

Aside from family, there are a couple of close friends weddings that we have missed and rearranged and it will be fantastic to see these people finally tie the knot. That also brings with it a couple of stag parties which obviously is no fun at all but I’m sure I’ll get through it.

Other friends have also had kids in lockdown that I am yet to meet, so congratulations and we know how you spent your time. I can’t wait to meet them and catch up too, any Dads needing an hour away and an ice cold beer then I’ll be ready. I realise this may not be the easier thing as free time is limited, I just spent over a week trying to get through a single film. (It was worth it)

The last part of a full return to normality for me is the dreaded return to work. It might surprise some that know me to read that I actually do miss many of my colleagues and friends and I am looking forward to getting to see them all again.

This hasn’t changed my view on actually doing work though, I’ve never been a big fan of it and time away hasn’t changed that! Seriously though, I am looking forward to getting back even if my view may change after an hour or two of the first shift!

I usually sign off by saying hope everyone is keeping well and I hope to see you soon. This has never been more appropriate so… well what I just said!

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  1. I’m sure Robbie will step up to his new role just as well as he does everything else. It won’t be long before his baby cousin is giving him the ‘run-around’.


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